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Senior Honors Thesis Program


The Office of Undergraduate Research and Major Awards is responsible for overseeing undergraduate thesis work throughout the University and ensuring its quality. Regardless of affiliation with the Honors College, all University of Houston students who meet the following requirements are eligible to complete a Senior Honors Thesis:

  • 3.25 cumulative GPA and a 3.5 GPA in major
  • Approval from the student’s academic department and the Honors College
  • You must have two future semesters remaining at the University of Houston to enroll 
  • If you have more than three future remaining semesters, you must wait to enroll in the program.

The total amount of work required for a thesis should be roughly equivalent to six hours of coursework (250-300 clock hours). You will register for a total of six credit hours (3399 and 4399) for your thesis. Generally, the hours will count toward your major degree requirements, but please verify this information with your academic advisor. You will receive an "IP" (in progress) grade for 3399, which will be changed to a letter grade when you have finished the thesis. Students who complete a Senior Honors Thesis will graduate with an Honors designation, which will be noted on the official transcript. Students will also receive 3 points towards the Honors in Co-Curricular Engagement transcript designation.

Collaborative efforts between the Honors College, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Major Awards and each college at the University of Houston ensures students’ success in the Senior Honors Thesis program. Please visit the College-Specific Information for Senior Honors Thesis page for requirements, forms and deadlines for each college. Questions about the Senior Honors Thesis Program may be directed to Rikki Bettinger.


Defending and Graduating this semester?

Please review college-specific information about submitting your thesis and any required paperwork. Deadlines vary by college.

You must submit two things to the Honors College: 1) Final Defense and Evaluation Form signed by all three of your committee members, to Rikki Bettinger at and 2) final PDF copy of your thesis with a blank signature page included, submitted to the Senior Honors Thesis portal. Please refer to your email correspondence from Dr. Bettinger for defense and submission instructions.  


Starting a Thesis in the next semester? 

By December 1 for Spring or May 15 for Fall, please submit your Verification of Eligibility Form with sections one and two completed. The second section must be signed by the director of undergraduate studies in your major department. Please send this form to Rikki Bettinger at

You must submit your prospectus, Prospectus Approval Form and Thesis Checklist to Dr. Rikki Bettinger ( no later than the first day of the semester that you begin your thesis. In the first semester of your thesis, you will be assigned an Honors Reader, who will provide the final signature on your Prospectus Approval Form.

Each semester there is a mandatory orientation for beginning thesis students. This will be communicated via email to enrolled students. 




  • University Honors with Honors in Major — Member of the Honors College, student has completed 28-36 hours of Honors coursework, including the Human Situation Sequence, and has completed a thesis
  • Collegiate Honors with Honors in Major — Member of the Honors College, student has completed 22 hours of Honors coursework or an Honors minor, and has completed a thesis
  • Membership in the Honors College with Honors in Major — Member of the Honors College and has completed a thesis
  • Honors in Major — Student has completed a thesis. Membership in the Honors College is not required.  

If you wish to read past Senior Honors Thesis submissions, you may do so here.