Alumni Spotlights - University of Houston
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  • Benjamin Diaz Villa

    Benjamin Diaz Villa

    Mechanical Engineering, B.S.M.E. ('21)
    "Research programs were crucial as stepping stones for my current PhD research skills and abilities."
  • Paulina Ezquerra

    Philosophy & Political Science, B.A. ('21)
    "The people I met through these programs and their belief in my capacities and potential set me on the path for success that I’m enjoying now."
  • Phillip Kieval

    Phillip Kieval

    Philosophy, B.A. ('19)
    "I still lean on the habits I developed through undergraduate research in my work today."
  • Sondos Moursy

    Sondos Moursy

    Psychology, B.S. ('22)
    "What started as one summer of research led to the career I will practice for the rest of my life."
  • Débora Mroczek

    Débora Mroczek

    Physics & Mathematics, B.S. ('20)
    "A full summer dedicated to full-time research further developed the self-learning and time management skills that help me stay on track in my graduate research."
  • Anushka Oak

    Anushka Oak

    Biology, B.S. & Spanish, B.A. ('22)
    "My undergraduate research experience included invaluable experiences and conversations with graduate students and postdoctoral researchers."
  • Serrae Reed-Lingenfelter

    Serrae Reed-Lingenfelter

    Mechanical Engineering, B.S.M.E. ('18)
    "Participating in undergraduate research is a fantastic way to invaluably expand your experiences, knowledge, and skillset."
  • Timothy Seiter

    History, B.A. ('19)
    "The research I completed during my various OURMA programs have acted as the foundation for all of my current scholarship."
  • Paul Vaughan

    Paul Vaughan

    Economics, B.S. ('22)
    "Research invites you to ask interesting questions and then challenges you to find novel answers."