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OURMA program alumni not only graduate with fulfilling research experience but also possess valuable skills for their future endeavors as researchers, professionals, and innovators. OURMA alumni have gone on to further their studies at graduate programs, publish and present scholarly works, win fellowships and major awards, and pursue exciting careers in government, private, and non-profit sectors.

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Featured Alumni

Publications Featuring UH Undergraduates

Sampige, R., Frankel, L., Ehteshami, L., Zopatti., K. The Relationship Between Parent Anxiety Symptomatology and Feeding Behaviors: A Systematic Review. (2023). Child & Youth Care Forum.

Manandhar, P., Mazhar, Z., Abousaway, O., Aboagye, C., Moussa, Z., Lim, D., Yu, T., Byrnes, J., Briggs, J. M., & Sen, M. (2022). Heterotropic roles of divalent cations in the establishment of allostery and affinity maturation of integrin αXβ2. Cell reports, 40(8), 111254.

Martinez Leal, I., Martinez, J., Britton, M., Chen, T. A., Correa-Fernandez, V., Kyburz, B., Nitturi, V., Obasi, E. M., Drenner, K., Williams, T., Casey, K., Carter, B. J., & Reitzel, L. R. (2022). Collaborative Learning: A Qualitative Study Exploring Factors Contributing to a Successful Tobacco Cessation Train-the-Trainer Program as a Community of Practice. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19, 7664.

Javed, Z., Maqsood, M. H., Amin, Z., & Nasir, K. (2022). Race and Ethnicity and Cardiometabolic Risk Profile: Disparities Across Income and Health Insurance in a National Sample of US Adults. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 28(1), S91–S100.