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Submitting Official High School and College Transcripts Guidelines

To support our applicants and admitted students through the Admissions process, the Office of Admissions provides additional guidance on submitting your transcripts and other documents as part of the admissions process. The most reliable and quickest method to submit your official transcripts is sending documents directly from your school. The University of Houston reserves the right to refuse unacceptable transcripts submitted for admission decisions or current records.

We highly encourage freshman applicants to self-report their transcript information. Please visit your task list in your self-service portal to self-report your transcript information. You will only report your Math, Science, English and Social Studies classes.

Electronic/Digital Transcript Submissions

Acceptable submissions of transcripts electronically/digitally:

  • A PDF transcript may be delivered from a verifiable/secured source. Acceptable verifiable sources/venders:
    • EDI* (Electronic Data Interchange) systems such as SPEEDe
    • TREx*
    • Parchment
    • Naviance
    • National Clearinghouse
  • A PDF transcript must be encrypted/digitally certified (delivered by secured email with a unique code to access/open transcript).
  • The issuing institution must mark the transcript as “official”.
  • Transcripts sent using the secure email method must be sent from the originating institutions or their provider, and the documents should not have already been opened/accessed.

Regular Mail or Other Mail Service Transcript Submissions

Acceptable submissions of transcripts sent by regular mail:

  • Official transcripts should be mailed in an institutional-sealed envelope.
  • Applicants may mail it to us if it remains sealed; otherwise, we will consider your submitted transcript as “unofficial” and you will need to have an official transcript resent.

The University of Houston reserves the right to refuse unacceptable submissions of transcripts:

  • If the electronic submission of transcript is not encrypted (delivered by secured email with special code to access/open transcript).
  • If the electronic submission of transcript is delivered or forwarded directly from the applicant/student.
  • If the electronic submission or hard-copy transcripts have been opened/ accessed first by another party.
  • If electronic transcripts have been delivered or forwarded by other institutions/college via email.
  • Transcripts sent by regular mail or electronic delivery are opened, resealed or marked as “unofficial.”
  • If transcripts sent by regular mail are scanned, imaged or uploaded by the applicant/student.

For freshman applicants using the self-reporting tool, please be sure to submit a final transcript with your graduation date conferred by mail or electronic delivery method, preferably before your New Student Orientation date, if admitted to the University.

If your high school, college or university cannot send your official transcripts electronically, please email us at for further assistance.

*Preferred Method of Transcript Delivery for Freshman Applicants