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To expedite admission decisions, the University of Houston requires U.S. freshmen applicants to self-report high school grades as part of the admissions application process. Applicants must report grades from all English, math, science, and social studies courses. Since accuracy is critical, we strongly suggest having a copy of your high school transcript available to use as a reference while self-reporting grades.

After you graduate from high school, submit an official final high school transcript that includes your graduation date.

How to Self-Report Your Transcript



Log into your self-service portal

After applying for admission, you’ll receive a UH ID number and access to self-service portal. Log into the self-service portal and click on “Tasks.”



Select "Self-report High School Grades."

A new tab will open for the self-reporting tool.



Click on “Add Course” and enter all your courses and grades as they appear on your official transcript.

  • For each academic year 9 – 12, you will enter all courses and grades individually for English, math, science, and social studies
  • Select from the list of course names
  • Choose whether this course was taken in a semester, trimester, quarter or full year.
  • Enter the level of the course. You can choose from a normal high school course, an honors course, an Advanced Placement course or an International Baccalaureate course.
  • Enter your course grade in the Grade section.



After all your coursework is entered, enter your class rank and size. Click “Submit.”


If you are having any issues with self-reporting your grades, or believe you have submitted inaccurate information, please email for help.

Watch the video tutorial