ASMI - University of Houston
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A better wire. A sustainable future.

About 10% of the energy that runs through traditional copper wiring is lost during transmission. The unique properties of superconductor wire allow it to conduct almost 300 times more current than traditional wiring while producing no resistance. Already proven in the power grid and used in high speed rail lines and MRI machines, superconductor wire has the potential for broad industrial application and presents both economic and environmental advantages.

ASMI bridges the gap between research and real world applications for superconductor wire.

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In the heart of America's energy corridor, ASMI leverages its unique location to spur its groundbreaking research.

With custom-made equipment and critical facilities, ASMI tackles industry problems at scale.

ASMI is a nexus combining expertise from top researchers, a track record of innovation, and input from important industry partners.


A Legacy of Innovation

The University of Houston has served as the backdrop for important breakthroughs in the field of superconductivity since 1987, when UH professor Paul Chu showcased the first high temperature superconductors to the physics world. ASMI continues in this commitment by centering on industry-ready solutions that bring the world closer to truly sustainable energy transmission.